Welcome to the Omega Alpha Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity at Johnson & Wales University, where since our founding on November 4, 1995 we continue "To guide young college men toward productive lives and to prepare them for community responsibility by practicing Friendship, Chivalry and Service."

Since the very first founding of TEP on October 10, 1910 we have continued to strive to make a positive difference in each other lives which have created friendships that will last for a lifetime.

As you continue to view our site you will find out more about the members of our brotherhood, the bonds that we have created, how we have the ability to make a positive difference on others and why our bonds continue well after our time at Johnson & Wales. We are...

"T E Phi Till I Die!"


The mission of the Omega Alpha Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity is to exemplify our three ideals; Friendship bonded by brotherhood, Chivalry through the precepts of knighthood, and commitment to Service for the greater good of society. We are a chapter comprised of men diverse in race, creed, and culture, working together for the common good of the entire community. We strive for excellence and through perseverance and dedication; we will overcome any obstacles on our journey to greatness.

If you are committed to being the best possible version of yourself. If you are dedicated to the idea of being successful,
having fun and making a difference, then you should Rush Tau Epsilon Phi - Omega Alpha Chapter at Johnson & Wales University.

We are looking for men that believe strongly in Friendship, Chivalry and Service.

Being part of Tau Epsilon Phi means being a brother for life, creating relationships that last forever and creating awesome memories with your brothers.

We strongly urge you to think about becoming a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi. You can better your school, your community and yourself.

For those who are new to Johnson & Wales, we understand that the city and even the campus itself can be intimidating and unknown.
The brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi enjoy picking up where orientation left off, and showing you the best times Providence has to offer.

Feel free to drop us a message or an email if your interested or want to talk to a brother to find out first hand what TEP is all about.


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